martes, 15 de mayo de 2018

N° of référencePP-005-667-168-896

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N° of référencePP-005-667-168-896
Situation of your account  
To make safe your account  

 Another person perhaps used your Paypal account without your knowledge.  To make safe your account while clicking on this link :   Protect your account and to confirm your identity.

What do I have to make?

 Protect your account  while clicking on the link made safe above  as soon as possible.  Perhaps we will ask you to confirm information which you provided during the creation of your account in order to check that you are the holder of the account.

 It is also recommended to you to follow the following stages for your own protection :

Check your personal information  (adresse, email, telephone... )  to ensure you that they are exact.

 And Then ?

After you complete all of the tasks, we'll respond within 72 heures.


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